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Karesh Long Term Care Center

The Karesh Long Term Care Center is located on the Roberts Street side of the KershawHealth Medical Center in Camden.

Karesh Long Term Care Center

Planning long-term care for your loved ones is never easy. That’s why our professional staff is dedicated to providing compassionate care that focuses on comfort, respect and quality care for residents as well as support for their family members. 

Our 88-bed long-term care facility is licensed by the state for skilled and intermediate care and for Medicare and Medicaid recipients. Social Services and recreational activities are also offered as part of long-term care. 

Medical Care

Residents are typically seen by their physician on a monthly basis. Nurses closely monitor each resident and contact their physician should he/she require immediate attention. 
The center coordinates medical care for each resident, including transportation. Family members are encouraged to meet residents at their physician’s office. The resident or their representative is responsible for charges for medical care.

Dental Care

Annual oral assessments are performed on all residents by a member of the local dental association. Transportation can also be provided to the local dentist of your choice. Local dentists who are members of our affiliate medical staff can perform dental services at the center.


If it becomes necessary for a resident to enter an acute care hospital, the resident is considered discharged. Residents paying for their own care may have their room held by paying the reserved room rates while away. 
Rooms for residents, covered by Medicaid are held for up to ten days. After ten days, other arrangements must be made to reserve the room. The family of any resident covered by Medicaid should contact the business office prior to transfer.


In the event of an incident that results in injury, the family is notified within 24 hours. If treatment is required, the resident’s physician and family are notified immediately.


All medications must follow a physician’s order. Families should not bring any medications, including over-the-counter items such as aspirin or any previously prescribed medications, into the facility.


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